We have the following openings to fill for Victor Boosters:

Webmaster – Our current Webmaster (Bob Smith) has been doing a great job of maintaining our website for several years.  We are looking for someone to train with him this year in preparation to take over this role next year.  If you are interested or have any questions, please email or reach out to Bob or any board member.

Sponsorship Coordinator – We are seeking someone who can organize and mentor the varsity players as they seek local businesses to sponsor the soccer program.  This role would involve meeting with the players in the spring, helping them plan and organize, so that during the early summer months the players would be actively seeking sponsorships.  Businesses that participate in this program would then receive recognition during the soccer season.

Girls Concession Coordinator – This position could be filled by one person or shared by two people.  This coordinator opens the concession stand before games, checks to be sure volunteers arrive for their shift and understand what needs to be done, and closes the concession stand after games.  The coordinator also keeps track of supplies and makes sure new materials are there when needed.  The coordinator may be involved in shopping for supplies at times.

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